How do we say NO to malnutrition?

By feeding a child.

chea and seiha

In Cambodia, malnutrition is the cause of approximately 4,500 child deaths annually. Chea, mother of 15-month old Seiha would know. She almost lost Seiha to malnutrition.

It was fortunate for Seiha that local village health volunteer Sothea identified the toddler as malnourished and advised Chea to bring Seiha for a nutrition screening at a UNICEF-supported local health centre. It was there that Seiha was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition due to a poor diet of watered down rice – a staple of poor young children living in unhygienic conditions.

Chea sought hospital treatment for Seiha, who was put on therapeutic food such as a wholesome fish snack called ‘num trey’ that is developed and tested by UNICEF and its partners. Seiha also receives monthly follow-up checks by hospital staff; all of which has contributed to the tremendous improvement in her health. She is now a happy and healthy child, as every child should be.

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