Liza Khalid

Arts and music help children to relief stress, boost confidence and self-esteem while enhancing their brain productivity and creativity. It is important for us to encourage and expose them to these beneficial activites as their past time.

puspasela md katini

Dessert and baking recipes for kids:-
We all know children love a sweet treat or two. With our fun and creative baking recipes for kids they’ll enjoy making them as well as eating them! From beautiful blue macaroon cookies and delicious blue sago santan ,blue mountain dew and creamy bubur candil telang flower – lots of simple ideas to entertain the kids.

Puteri Arafah Bahrin

Playtime is key to any child. It helps to develop child’s creativity and inner expressions. As parents and an adult, it is our duty to provide the correct tools and platforms. My 4 year old niece loves drawing and coloring, give her a chalk, she’ll give you the world. This is her proudly standing in front of a chalk mural we did together in showing our support for UNICEF #MalaysiaBiru campaign… To a better and beautiful future, for our children 💙

Nor Ain Atila Ibrahim

I hope every child on earth will live happily inside and out, just like how I smile in the camera and in reality. We really can make a change, even a little change by giving a smile to every child that we meet.

Ahmad Nur Ikram Mansor

I believe every child should be having a safe home. This photo resembles the cage that any one child that will face, if he/she doesn’t have a safe home. For me, home is where your heart is.


Children formed the basis to the country’s human capital investment. Human capital can be developed to an optimum level by providing a safe and conducive environment to children. Safe home for children protect them against violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

The blue umbrella not only fulfill the theme but also forms a strong symbolic icon that represents safety and protection from parent to child.

Finally, the mosque in the background symbolizes that the ultimate protection will come from the Almighty the Creator.

Rosismer Roslan

Saya sebagai rakyat malaysia menyokong penuh atas kempen #malaysiabiru atau #goblue kerana ianya sebagai tanda rasa cinta saya kepada pembangunan kanak-kanak dan perlindungan kemanusiaan yang mereka perlukan. Setiap orang mempunyai hak, begitu juga kanak-kanak. Mereka ada hak untuk mendapatkan kesihatan yang baik, hidup gembira, pendidikan dan sebagainya. For better malaysia and world!


Saya sokong kehidupan yang aman damai untuk anak-anak saya dimana dunia sekarang penuh dengan cabaran dan lebih terbuka kepada jenayah. Adalah tanggungjawab kita sebagai ibu bapa dalam menyediakan segala bentuk kemudahan juga memberi perlindungan sewajarnya demi masa depan mereka. Oleh itu dari sekarang kita mesti mempertahankan keamanan yang tercipta agar perjalanan hidup mereka lebih mudah dimasa akan datang. Saya membawa gambaran sebuah kapal terbang dalam gambar yang saya rakamkan simbolik kepada kebebasan biarpun pelbagai dugaan tetap ada setiap kali terbang di awan, kental dalam apa jua keadaan terbang ke destinasi yang ingin dituju dengan selamat. #MalaysiaBiru #GoBlue